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Hello Twisted-Netherati and welcome! Today’s spotlight is one of my go-to favs.

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Icy Veins is rather new to the scene. Beating many other guide sites to the punch, it opened in early 2011 and was posting up to the minute class guides as soon as Mists of Pandaria hit the mean streets of Warcraft.

Here you can find WoW guides for a myriad of topics. Raids and Dungeons for Mists and Cataclysm including all the current MoP World Bosses. Seasonal events and current MoP event content such as the Isle of Thunder and Brawler’s Guild. Quest tracking for some of the major recent quest lines such as Black Prince, and all of the current Mists reputation questing you’d want all in one convenient!

But that is not why I am spotlighting this spot… Oh no! The REAL reason that you want to check out Icy Veins is for the class guides. Do you need a little tweak with your main? Are you dusting off an alt that you haven’t played in a while and feel a little out of touch? This is the place for you!

What I like most about the class guides they provide is they are consistent. Each one is written in the same format and covers the same information for each class/spec combination.  Opening with a summary, each guide covers talents, rotations (single & multi-target), glyphs, gems, enchants, and much more. Each one is written in a way that is easy to follow and easy to plug and play if you’re just looking to get a toon on the road. They also provide in-depth information and suggestions based on simulation and theorycraft for those that want to delve a little deeper.

So if you’re looking for some new ideas, or just want to play around with a new spec check out


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*this post has been edited for correction: Icy Veins first launched in 2011, not 2012


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