Resource Site Spotlight – HandyNotes for Hallow’s End

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Freshly pressed, as in 2 hours ago, a certain someone I follow on Google+ posted an following article he wrote on his site Ethan Centaurai

The article, entitled Introducing “HandyNotes for Hallow’s End” caught my attention immediately for two reasons:
* This is an addon, written by this very individual
* It deals with Hallow’s End, unquestionably the greatest holiday in all of Azeroth

Just try to deny Hallow’s End is the greatest holiday in WoW, I dare ya!

Anyway, back on topic. Ethan Centaurai is a WoW player and addon author that created a very nice little addon for the holiday that just launched, so check out this article, download the addon, and then go complete the undeniably greatest holiday event in all of Warcraft.



PS. Have I mentioned Hallow’s End is the single greatest holiday event in all of World of Warcraft? ~.^

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