Episode 167 – Not So Ancient

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ancientofthetome This week we welcome Tome from Tome of the Ancient. We have a great interview and Tome has a wonderful perspective on the game and blogging.In addition we talk about Cross-Realm Zones and Account Level Achievements.


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Cross-Realm Zones Coming to Beta LINK

Account Level Achievements LINK

Leaders of Azeroth Series Completed LINK

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dragonray gave us this weeks (30th April – 6th May) shared topic: LINK

So recently I have been levelling some alts – all different levels from about 30 upwards and I have been noticing cute or funny things which I have been screenshotting and videoing.
I know this is probably a topic that gets discussed often, but given that we are coming into a new xpac soon and with beta out, I thought I would be nice to reflect on the little touches we find in game that make it extra special.
As an example I saw a Goblin in winterspring called Barbie Cutesazz and I got a giggle out of it.

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