Episode 166 – Crimson Context

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redbeard2 This week we welcome Redbeard from Parallel Context. We also talk about the removal of the rocket as the mount for the RAF system and Blizzard’s new Item Restoration system.


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Twisted News

Recruit-a-Friend – X-53 Touring Rocket Retiring Soon LINK

Announcing Battle.net Item Restoration LINK

Week of April 30, the “Power of the Aspects” spell in the Dragon Soul raid will be increased to 20%. LINK

Children’s Week 2012/04/29 – 2012/05/06 (Help from Cynwise LINK)

HOT Topics

Shared Topic

Nightwill gave us this past weeks shared topic:

Mathew McCurley ‏- @gomatgo asked on twitter about ideas for a question for The Queue and I came up with one and thinking about it I wanted to mention it here.
“Why not have ‘hardmode’ pvp matches? More difficult goals and the like you can sign up for?”
The more I think about it the more I want to know why not? “heroic” level PvP with an IL restriction? Have unique upgraded maps with cool mechanics that would really confuse someone new to pvp? You could resurrect the raid PvP of Alteric Valley. Have it take 2 hours and compensate equally with the faster matches. Bring up some more total war raid matches like a battle at sea or in the air.
It seems like such a simple idea that would make PvP far more deep and interesting than ‘oh damn WSG popped again for my random.’
Or am I just rambling away about something that wouldn’t ever work?

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1 comment to Episode 166 – Crimson Context

  • Thanks for having me on the show!

    I was informed afterward that there was one mistake I made while talking about the kids and RP-ing: my brother-in-law gave the copy of Savage Worlds to my son, not me. Of course, my son is also appropriating some of my own stuff for his purposes, so I guess it’s a case of what’s his is mine (and vice versa).