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L2Ptv has recently announced their official launch over at and so the timing is perfect to write up an RSS article discussing what the site has to offer.

L2Ptv is a site dedicated to helping every player in World of Warcraft operate to their fullest potential. There are well-produced and informative videos available for all classes and specs as well as boss strategies, and forums for the community. Their goal is to provide an environment where players do not need to fear public humiliation for asking “the wrong questions” which is, unfortunately, the case on some other information sites out there.

The basic video tutorials on class/spec feature discussion on talents, gearing, stat priority, gemming, and of course rotations. They will even show gameplay to go along with, particularly, the rotation portion.

L2Ptv also features premium content. It is a subscription based package that gives access to the entire site including boss fights, heroic and normal difficulty, from each of the different class/spec’s and also full access to the forum portion of the site. I highly recommend going to the premium section to see the sample videos posted to see what the subscription will get you.

I will say I am very interested in at least trying a month of the subscription plan, simply to see the videos of the Dragon Soul boss fights from my class/spec perspective.

Remember that the class/spec tutorials are free as well as the boss strategy videos, the premium subscription is the next tier of videos that go into the POV of each class/spec for each of the bosses on both heroic and normal difficulties.

Every raiding character in World of Warcraft should watch their class/spec video, because having information presented to you in a very well-produced video format can very often be more effective than reading text in a threaded forum post. The videos at L2Ptv are in-depth and well-made and watching the Combat Rogue video I learned I was missing a very key part of the synergy of one of my main cooldowns.

Check them out, you’ll be happy you did!



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