Episode 136 – Roundified Table

firelands It’s another ROUND TABLE! This time we discuss, what else, 4.2! The Firelands patch is upon us and we get the lowdown from our guests Anne Stickney of WoW Insider, also known as Shade from the All Things Azeroth, Morynne from Marks-365 and George from The Mana Cooler.


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Patch 4.2 LINK
Thrall Questline – Elemental Bonds
New Daily Hub
Firelands Raid
New Baradin Hold Boss
New Legendary Staff
Dungeon Journal
Recruit-A-Friend to 80
Conquest/Honor – Valor/Justice : Conversion
Rearrange Characters on Character Selection screen!
All healing critical strikes now heal for 2 times a normal heal (+100%), up from 1.5 times a normal heal (+50%).
Dancing in Combat!
CC Not causing Aggro. Except Fear.
No more aggressive pet stance.
Nerfing of Normal modes on old raids?
Need in a group causes soulbound!
Keyring GONE!
All character races now have a roar sound. /rawr

Coming Soon…

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