Netherhood Welcome Wagon – A Sunnier Bear

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Hello Everyone!  I’d like you to join me in welcoming Sunnier of A Sunnier Bear!

Sunnier started playing WoW right after The Burning Crusade was released, drawn in by her dorm-mates her freshman year of college. She raided everything from Karazhan to Ice Crown Citadel with a feral druid named Safari. Once Deathwing wreaked havoc on Azeroth, she deicded that it was time to start fresh and created a worgen druid – Sunnier. She has a passion for feral tanking, and can’t imagine doing anything else with her druid! She’s almost as equally passionate about raiding, and strives to progress as far as possible.

She started A Sunnier Bear as a way to share her experiences and display boss strategies in a nice, clean format. In addition to all of the feral chatter, she’s also expended into other topics, such as raiding and feral tanking.

You will find a plethora of topics over at A Sunnier Bear, including Sunnier’s take on the new dungeon journal and how she feels a bit bad for Atramedes. You will also find intruiging thoughts on how to make tanking more interactive and a in depth comparison of tanking cooldowns. She also offers a great look at being a feral hybrid.

Sunnier loves helping others and answering questions, so if you have any feral questions head her way and she’s be thrilled to offer her two cents!  I think she’s off to a great start!  Welcome to the blogoshpere, Sunnier!


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