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L2R is a recent endeavor of Kinaesthesia, you may have heard him speak of it as his “secret project” on the Circle of Healing podcast some time ago (co-starring a friend of Twisted Nether Blogcast, one Matt “Matticus” Lowe). Among the sites I have praised for being well-designed, this one takes the cake!

L2R (LearnToRaid) is a site dedicated to high end raiding, and how to get us all there. Videos, insightful articles, guides, blogs, forums, you name it. Kina is of course a member of the guild Vodka, on Alterac Mountains (US). A guild that continues to wrack up the progression raiding accolades, world firsts and the like, so the man has got the cred to pull off this project.

Well-polished doesn’t even begin to describe L2R. The videos are excellent compliments to the written articles, and the writers are well-versed in their subject matter.

If you have any inclination at raiding in World of Warcraft, you owe it to yourself to go to L2R immediately. As in right now. As in, I am telling you to leave the article I am writing, and you are reading, to go visit this site. I am that impressed. And you will be too.

A taste of the videos you will see on L2R:

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2 comments to Resource Site Spotlight – L2R (

  • Saz

    Live streams, great videos, and the forums are quite nice as well. Swing on by, and don’t be shy! The forum community is a pretty nice bunch if I do say so ^_^

  • This is the first time I have seen this site, however I’m glad you have brought it to my attention!

    Looks well polished like you say. Should deem appropriate to share with my guild!

    Hopefully it keeps this way,

    – Jamin