Episode 116 – Curse of the Nether

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logo-curse Our special guest this week is Kody from Curse! He’s the Lead Editor there and has some great insights into the origin of Curse and all the projects they have taken on including Wowstead. We then somehow find the ability to spend almost an hour on the news this week (surprise!) and a very long list of new sites introduced on Blog Azeroth. Don’t miss it!

Make sure you listen to the whole interview to find out you might be able to get a little something special from Kody and Curse! Limited supply, so download and listen now!


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Twisted News:

Corehound Pup Adoption Campaign – Win an iPad! LINK

4.0.6 coming this week? Accidental “placeholder” post to the community site.. (can I just call it a blog already?)

In 4.0.6 you don’t need to find the Cataclysm Dungeons in order to queue for them. and.. LINK
* Level-85 dungeon bosses in Lost City of the Tol’Vir, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination now drop 30 Justice Points each when killed.
* The daily Random Dungeon reward on normal difficulty has been increased to 140 Justice Points, up from 70.

They’ve been tweaking the new sell prices for Archeology Grey items.. up/down/up/down. LINK

Conquest weapons requiring 2200 rating will be available approximately two weeks after the release of patch 4.0.6. LINK

Tol Barad LINK
* Attacking forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control 2 keeps.
* Defending forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control all 3 keeps.

Dalaran/Shattrath Portals LINK

Lunar Festival January 23 – February 12

HOT Topics:

Hydra’s Random Tip

Bandages. Right now people are leveling their first aid. Using up very expensive cloth to make bandages. Once you max out your First Aid to 525 buy the bandages from the auction house. Don’t continue to make them if you need them, BUY THEM. They can be much cheaper then the cloth.


Why do you blog? Why do you subscribe to blogs? (Tree Bark Jacket) LINK
Raid Tools: CompareBot (Gray Matter) LINK
The Cataclysmic WoW disease (Screaming Monkeys) LINK
Differential diagnosis (Tobold’s MMORPG Blog) LINK
Ghostcrawler Does Not Owe You a Pony (Tales of the Aggronaut) LINK

Shared Topic This Week

CasualRaider of the blog The Casual Raider asked about when the lights go out on a guild:

What happens when a guild shuts down? Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep your guild together it collapses. What do you do after the fallout has cleared? This topic could be about several different aspects of guild dissolution(i.e. finding a new guild, rebuilding your current guild, maintaining friendships with players etc…)

The next Topic was an idea from Squelchy of Blame Squelchy and involved writing an open letter to, well, anyone, really, as long as it has to do with WoW.

Write an open letter to some aspect of World of Warcraft: a character, a raid boss, a non-combat pet, a profession, the sky’s the limit. What would you want to say to them, whether in a personal note, or something published as a letter to the editor?

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer deserves all the credit for asking … were 5 levels (as opposed to the usual 10 per expansion) a good idea?

For the first time, WoW’s latest expansion, Cataclysm, only raised the level cap by 5 levels, in addition to the other content it added. Was Blizzard right to make this call? All other things being equal — the same number of high level zones and dungeons, for instance — should they have raised the cap by 10 levels? Should the fourth expansion be a 5-level or 10-level jump?

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth

– (General) Stormwind Bait Company LINK
– (Hunter) Shattered Beginnings LINK
– (Warlock) Skulfrak LINK
– (Gold) MMO Farm LINK
– (Paladin) The Resounding Helm LINK
– (Hunter) Target Dummies LINK
– (Druid) A Druid’s Doodling LINK
– (Hunter) Little Blue Dog LINK
– (Death Knight) Death to Questing LINK
– (Priest) Shiny Priest LINK
– (Warlock) Adventures in Warcraft LINK
– (General) Iggep’s Realm LINK
– (Podcast) Audacity Stream LINK
– (Podcast) Surviving in Azeroth LINK
– (Podcast) The Mana Cooler Podcast LINK

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