Episode 108 – Nether Warning!

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album_art This week on TNB we welcome Seven and Thespius from the Raid Warning podcast! We have a truly awesome time hanging out with these guys and talking about wow, podcasting, beer and anything else that comes to mind. News and Topics follow the interview, as usual. We got a little late start that night but it was well worth it! The elemental invasion is progressing, troll druids are getting their own flight form and there’s a new kind of authenticator in town.


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Twisted News

Troll Druids get Unique Bat Flight Form LINK

Race Change to Goblin/Worgen available on launch night (midnight pst) LINK

Elemental Invasion 2 & 3… 4 is live! LINK

Europe Battlegroup merging LINK

Removal of 25v25 rated battlegroup, still have 10v10 and 15v15 LINK

Insane in the Membrane still available. LINK

Battle.net Dial-in Authenticator LINK

Pilgrim’s Bounty 11/21-11/27

HOT Topics from the Nether!

Hydra’s Random Tip

The new main cities will be Orgrimar and Stormwind. Portals are vanishing from Dalaran and Shattrath. Getting the Argent Tournament Tabard costs 50 Champion’s Seals.  This will give you a port to the Argent Tournament Grounds, the center of Northrend.  Plus, remember if you have a slower computer there are a lot of different inn keepers in the cities. You dont have to use the inn closest to the bank.


WoW is… (The Pink Pigtail Inn) LINK
HoT and Heavy and Hate Listed (Healer Aggro) LINK
Should we have competition for quest items/kills? (World of Warcraft Philosophized) LINK

Shared Topic This Week

Sionel of Eight Paws asks about the place in Azeroth that feels most like a home to our character or characters:

What does ‘home’ mean in your book? Do you have a particular home in Azeroth – a place you feel you belong, that you know like the back of your hand, or that you feel more comfortable in than anywhere else? Would this be different for different characters or different factions, or is there just a place that really resonates with you? Do you think Cataclysm will prompt you to find new and different turf, or will you be heading back there first thing to see what might have changed? If it is destroyed, how do you think that will affect your experience of the game, or your characters’ lives? Or do you think the whole idea of having a home doesn’t even really apply to a game?

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– (General) red cow rise LINK
– (Shamans) Pheshamanal LINK
– (Warlocks) The Daily Dot LINK
– (Hunter) Rapid Fire LINK
– (Death Knights) …of the Horde LINK
– (Tanking Druids) Gamer Girl Confessions LINK
– (General) World of Saz LINK
– (RP, Healers) Specced for Drama LINK
– (Tanking) Sword and Board LINK
– (General) The Girl Plays WoW LINK
– (Healing)Healing Casually LINK

We encourage everyone to also check out the TNB Wiki Big List of Blogs.

Coming Soon…

Episode 109 will be recorded “Blizzard” Soon. Watch our RSS feed or Twitter for updates.

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(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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