Blizzcon – The End

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P1010914Well, another Blizzcon has come and gone and this one was a BLAST! In the con was a lot of fun. The meetups and parties were awesome! All in all we had a great time this year. We need to thank Blizzard, of course, for throwing an awesome weekend for us. We need to thank all of the TNB family for all the help they gave us over the weekend too!

P1010913Today was a wind-down day after the hectic weekend festivities. Sleep late… Hang out until people started to head out for their rides home. We had a little TNB family get-together over at the Tangerine restaurant and it was loads of fun to just get to sit around and talk about wow, blizzcon, podcasting, blogging, everything! Hydra was totally awesome and made us these cool clocks (see the pic of Brian holding it!).

We’ll be having a little round table discussion about this year’s Blizzcon this Saturday at 8pm PDT as usual in the usual place. I’m busy putting up a few of the pictures we took over on our Flickr page. If you have a picture from the meetup, the Raid prescreening and after party or just a cool one from Blizzcon let us know and we’ll see about including it in our Flickr stream if you want. Especially pictures with Fim in them of course… Most of them won’t be going up until I get home, but I stuck a few up there for now.

We’ll talk to you on Saturday (hopefully I get my voice back by then)…

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