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The Cataclysm is quickly approaching, you know it, I know it. The earth (well Azeroth) is shaking, there are whispers in the corridors of Ironforge, and suddenly I am infused with Holy Power… up to a limit of three charges that is.

And what, pray tell, does the Cataclysm entail? The old world being torn asunder? Deathwing rising up to take hold of the land? Goblins and Worgen living among us? No. (Well yes, actually, but that’s not the point of this article).

What great disaster awaits us this December? True economic apocalypse! What you were selling on the Auction House for 5g a stack will now cost 80g!! Mayhem! Pandemonium! Fortunes won and lost! For any player of World of Warcraft who has been here throughout any expansion change, they know just how drastic the in-game economy is changed by an expansion. Cataclysm will be no different.

I need to do more dailies...

In this weeks Addon Junkie Segment on the Twisted Nether Blogcast I spoke briefly on Auctioneer, the legendary WoW AH addon. I promised that I would be providing a write-up here in the Resource Spotlight on the blog and community “Just My Two Coppers” and so I sat Marcko (the creator of JMTC) down to do a little interview. JMTC is a gold-making community for the World of Warcraft with guides, tutorials, daily blog posts, and forums dedicated to making money in the Auction House and doing it well. This will be a vital read for anyone wanting to capitalize on the chaos that will grip the Auction House in the coming months.

Read and enjoy and please visit Just My Two Coppers to get the latest in market trends and tools to ensure your in-game fortune will grow. When you are zipping around old Azeroth on your Mechano-Hog, you can thank me.

1) How long has Just My Two Coppers been active?

Just My Two Copper has been around since Nov 17th 2008 when I wrote an article about
Making Gold at Level 9
. Little did I know it would be the start of a long and incredibly enjoyable journey where I’d meet so many diverse people and become the owner of a site many deem to be the #1 place for wow gold knowledge.

2) Would you describe Just My Two Coppers as a personal blog with a WoW economics focus, or a community of people with a common goal of playing the internal market within the game?

JMTC started off as a personal blog about how I made gold in world of warcraft, in particular my story of going from relative nub to millionaire gold guru. What it became over the years both shocked and amazed me. As I started getting commenters ineterested in what I thought and emails started to pour in with questions I decided that the site needed another outlet for communication to take place between readers. Thus the JMTC Forum was born and the community where players are focused on helping each other succeed at making in game gold took off. I focus most of my efforts now adays on bringing more and more people into the community and I see my blog, twitter, facebook, newsletter, podcasts, blogging carnival and IRC channel as a way to attract new members. Sure I try to give the best damn tip I can every day on my blog at 8:00 AM EST but the community is what defines JMTC, not me. I like to say that the wow gold making community could go anywhere they wanted to, but they chose JMTC as their primary home.

3) What are the main focuses of the community, if any?

I would go so far as to say that the best part about JMTC is how NICE the people are. They are focused on helping each other make gold and relishing in each others’ successes. I have never seen a kinder group of people towards noobs anywhere else in the wow community. There are people constantly chatting about new strategies, patch speculation, every profession, farming… you name it. Basically, if it has to deal with making gold, you’ll find it at JMTC. Another factor in what makes the community so great and helps to maintain the positive focus is the amazing group of admins who have all volunteered to help at JMTC. Most if not all are millioniares or close to it, addon writers, popular members of the wow community, etc. I couldn’t ask for a better crew.

4) Would you say that Just My Two Coppers is an easy environment for the new WoW player to become acclimated into and to read and understand?

The tutorials section is exactly what a new player needs to read at the JMTC blog. You’ll find everything from addon walkthroughs to major strategy guides. After that I would suggest heading over to the JMTC forums to ask more specific questions and flesh out their gold making strategies.

5) Is there any truth to the rumors that Warriors wear nothing beneath their plate pants?

I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors for all warriors. However, I can tell you that Prot Warrior Gladiators like myself do not. I hear arms warriors wear cups (sissies) and fury warriors prefer no pants btw.



**As always if you’d like to contact me my email address is rilandune at gmail dot com. I can be found on twitter at and you can check out more of my rantings and rumblings at Heroically Random! my World of Warcraft blog.**

1 comment to Resource Site Spotlight – Just My Two Coppers

  • Was a pleasure to participate in this interview.

    For your reader’s information in case they were wondering:

    Auctioneer, Mail openner and Auction Profit Master are the addons I am currently using in 4.0.1.

    Here are the items which are hot right now in 4.0.1:

    1. Meta Gems

    2. Abyssal Bags

    3. Epic Gems

    4. Netherweave Bags

    5. Enchanting Scrolls (mostly +10 stats to chest and superior weapon potency). I am using crystallized earth combined with common gems to create disenchanting fodder. Cobalt occasionally is cheap enough to turn into cobalt war axes as well for my greater cosmic essences. I just buy the abyss crystals and dream shards. NOTE: You can disenchant all pvp gear now!!!

    6. Titanium Items (mostly weapon chains, shield spikes and plating)

    7. Leg Armor

    8. Spellthread

    9. Glyphs (glyph of Mage Armor for outrageous prices)

    10. Eternal Belt Buckles