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Greetings folks!

Just a quick note here to start, my name is Rilandune and I’ll be taking over the Resource Spotlight here on Twisted Nether.  I hope to fill the role well and keep the spotlight going to the excellent standards set by Arthemystia.  I also produce the Addon Junkie segments on the podcast, so in either role if you want to contact me with any questions, ideas, or shouts of anger and dismay, you can do so by emailing me at rilandune at gmail dot com.


“A healer heals, always.”  Billy Crystal said that in “Throw Momma from the Train.”  Actually what he said was “a writer writes, always,” which is good advice indeed.  But if you want to heal always, and write always for that matter, than you’re idol must certainly be Matticus from such things as World of Matticus and

This weeks spotlight is going to be covering Plus Heal (, a community for healers by healers, covering all aspects of healing in the World of Warcraft.

Matt was so kind as to answer a few questions about the community, so take a read at what the founder has to say about this weeks spotlight:

1) How long has Plus Heal been active?

Matticus:  Plus Heal opened its doors around August of 2008. The community has been growing for a little over 2 years now.

2) Would you describe Plus Heal as a resource site or a healing specific community, with more active discussion than graphs and documentation?

Matticus: Its more of a healing specific community than anything else. I’ve always wanted to expand into a website front end with organized content, but I simply don’t have the time nor the technical expertise to pull it off right now with the numerous projects I’m invested in. The people in the community contribute a wide variety of advice including numbers, graphs and practical applications. Some people excel at different things and the combined knowledge from the assorted viewpoints is huge.

3) What are the main focuses of the community, if any? 

Matticus:  I wouldn’t say there’s a main focus (other than healing). We’ve got class specific forums, theorycrafting, raid strategy and some PvP forums. If its healing related, its up for discussion.

4) Would you say Plus Heal is an easy environment for the new WoW player to become acclimated into?

Matticus:  The moderation team (a wonderful crew, thanks to them for their hard work) and the rest of the community on Plus Heal do try to make things as comfortable as possible. Especially with the special stress that comes with healing, the atmosphere is fairly easy going (until you get into the math threads, in which case bring advil).

5) What Canadian beer do you prefer and do you actually live in an igloo?

Matticus:  Sleeman’s for me, and indeed we do. I upgraded to a two bedroom igloo. In fact, we just got running water and power last week. ^^

Please take a trip over to Plus Heal, whether you are a healer yourself, healer curious, or even a raid leader looking for a greater understanding of one of the core roles in WoW.  Make sure to hug the healer in your next heroic random, I promise you, they could use it.



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  • Arthemystia

    Glad to see a replacement was found for me, and that you can format the blogs more sexily than I seemed to manage during my tenure. Good luck, and enjoy!

  • Thanks Arthemystia! I am certain the community is upset to see the role pass on, and I’ll do my best to keep them happy so as to avoid an angry mob outside of my window 🙂 Please feel free to comment and shout at me at any time if I slip up!