Shared Topic: What has WoW taught you?

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Would ever consider placing anything WoW-related in your resume?

Obviously, whether or not to advertise the skills we’ve learned from an online video game depends on the job in question. But even when they don’t directly apply to your professional life, lessons from WoW still come in handy from time to time. Sindei, from 6 Inch Heals, suggested that, as last week’s Shared Topic, we mention some of the thing we’ve learned from World of Warcraft.

What has the World of Warcraft taught you? Did you learn about economics from playing the Auction House? Or learned the value of household chores from doing dailies? Or maybe WoW has impacted your real life in some other way. Maybe you even met your significant other in Azeroth! Write about something you’ve learned from WoW, or some other way it’s affected you in the real world.

Participating were:

Pndrv of Primetime Casual

Pindleskin of Misguilded

Sindei of Six Inch Heals

Sarindre of Through the Eyes of a Tree

Jaedia of The Lazy Sniper

Mashugana of My Two Alts

Kava of Evil Tree

Herculano of Herc the Merc

Poneria of Fel Concentration

Anexxia of Bible of Dreams

Gazimoff of Mana Obscura

Missed last week’s topic? That’s ok! You can always write a post and link back to it in this post. Or even better, join in this week’s topic! This week, we get into creative RP mode as we play out a scene with our favorite mount. Everyone who takes part in the topic then links back to their post in the appropriate thread at Blog Azeroth.

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