Resource Site Spotlight - JINX Apparel

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I was at an unusually large gathering of WoW hunters recently, in real life. And I brought t-shirts, ostensibly to trade with others. So when there was exactly one other person who brought anything to trade, I took to wearing my newfound shirts instead. And I was a bit shocked to realize that no one knew where they where from.

Jinx is one of the easiest places to get WoW apparel. Hats, keychains, stickers, pins, shirts, pants, sweatshirts, etc. and it’s all officially licensed by Blizzard. Every class, city, and faction is well represented, as are more humorous takes on WoW. And it has far more than the paltry selection in Blizzard’s own store, which is great for buying authenticators or other games but is pathetic for apparel and merchandise.

So if getting wrongly made fun of for “having no life” is not enough, or you’d just like a new shirt to add to your collection (I own hundreds of t-shirts, sadly), here’s an excellent new way to display your geekery.

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