Resource Site Spotlight - Time To Die

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Phase 3 Sindragosa is proving to be the bane of my raid team at the moment. And even my brilliant-yet-misguided attempts to get us an extra dps’er by pet tanking it (my pet can single tank it, we have to swap 2 tanks otherwise) have failed. And while this week’s highlighted add-on hasn’t helped us down Sindy, it’s been interesting and useful nonetheless.

Time to Die will track a boss’s health, your raid’s dps rates, and calculate how long it will be before the boss will die. For Sindragosa, it tells me how much longer we need to learn to exist in Phase 3 to beat her. For some dps-intesive fights, it can also tell you if you’re ahead of an enrage timer (25M timers on bosses such as Festergut and Blood Queen are still an issue for some raid teams). Paired with classic raiding add-ons like DBM that show enrage timers, it can help you see the kind of progress your raid has made, or how much it still needs to make.

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