Welcome to the Twisted Republic Blogcast!

Well, you’ve probably seen it coming. WoW is getting old. We’re getting tired of the grind. Patch after Patch after Patch. Cataclysm? BAH! It’s not going to fix anything! 5 more levels? Who needs em? Redoing the whole old world of Azeroth? Who asked for that? More instances, more raids, Paths of the Titans? Just more junk we need to deal with over and over and over.

So, what are we doing about it? Freaking out? No! We’re doing what any sane person would. We’re quitting. We’re done. We’ve had enough.. Welcome to a new age, a new twist, if you will, in the most twisted blogcast on the net. the Twisted Republic Blogcast!

Yeah, Right! That’s right, we’re going Star Wars! SW:TOR promises to be the most excited and engaging MMORPG to come along since Age of Conan and we’re jumping on that FULLY FUNCTIONAL BATTLESTATION while it’s still circling the moon of Endor. We’re punchin’ it and going to Light Speed here at TNB.. Or should i say TRB!

We’re ready, we’re willing and we’re able! Lich King? Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Keep it tuned here (yeah, we’ll change the URL later!) for all your Star Wars: The Old Republic news, views and voices from around the internet. You’ll notice changes to the site as we convert over from WoW. Sorry for the dust, but we’ll get it all sorted out soon enough!

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