Shared Topic: Star Wars: The Old Republic Anticipation

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Welcome to the very first Blog Naboo Shared Topic! Blog Naboo is still in its founding phase, but since SW:TOR hasn’t been released yet, that’s ok, we’ve got plenty of time to build some delightful forums! This week, bloggers around the Blogoverse took up the task of investigating exciting TOR news and sharing it with the community.

It was suggested by yours truly, Ophelie from The Bossy Jedi and the Giant Spoon.

With all the news and excitement surrounding SW:TOR floating around, I was thinking it would be cool if everyone shared a piece of news they found particularly interesting.

Unknowingly rising to challenge were:

Underlord40 of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Blog

DarthMallRat of Darth Hater

Ayane of Moon Over Endor

Shyin of Shyins: Guardians of the Old Republic

David of Toroz

This week we put our minds together as we come up with some Blog Naboo Shared Topics logo suggestions to spice up these posts! In the future, to participate, just check out the Shared Topics forum over at Blog Naboo. Until the site is finished, feel free to hang out in the community thread on the official forums!

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