Shared Topic: Of PTRs and News Websites

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SharedTopic Windsoar of Jaded Alt suggested a topic from quite a few weeks ago (unfortunately, I was crit by the RL monster and haven’t been able to get the Shared Topics up) exploring the impact of PTR’s and news websites on the game.

“I thought it’d be interesting to see how people felt about PTRs and the news information about WoW that this generates. It seems more and more these days that before content is widely available (live!) that the community at large is already aware of all the bosses, the items that will be available, and people walk into a dungeon with a firm strat and a gear list in hand.
I personally am divided on this issue — for example, I love seeing my tier sets and their bonuses before they come out, but I avoid any and all information regarding dungeons — I don’t want to see pictures of the dungeon, I don’t want to know the boss’ abilities, and I sure don’t want a loot table. To me, having all that information detracts from the noobish awe and fun of a new raid instance.”

Responding to the topic this week are the following:

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