Shared Topic: Best Change to the Game

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This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Lathere of Hots & Dots, and asks us to consider (in honour of WoW’s 5 year anniversary) what the best change to the game would be.

I’m suggesting the following as a shared topic:
Many things have changed and improved within the game between Vanilla, BC & Wrath. Which change that Blizzard released, made a fundamental difference to your gaming experience?
A possible expansion to this topic would be what really irritates you that they still haven’t gotten around to fixing?
Thought this would be a fitting topic seeing it’s Wrath’s 1 Year anniversary :)
Be as nostalgic as you want!


Responding to the topic this week are:

Autumnn of Grumble and Autumnn

Shawndra of Escapist Scrawl

Ophelie of The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Almaster of Lux Legis

Cass and Lath of Hots and Dots.


We are running low on Shared Topics and desperately need your help!  Head on over to the Blog Azeroth forums and suggest a topic of your own, or contribute to an existing one.

This week’s Shared Topic is Of PTR’s and News Websites, suggested by Windsoar of Jaded Alt.

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