Special Episode – It Came From The Podcast Give Away

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Welcome to a Special Episode.. No, not of the Twisted Nether Blogcast! But of the immensely spooky “IT CAME FROM THE PODCAST” Giveaway 2009! Twisted Nether, The Hunting Lodge, Pugcast and /2 came together for one crazy night. Fighting lag, random number generators and ghostly show notes that just seemed to disappear at times, we gave away an amazing assortment of prizes! Listen and be afraid.. Be VERY afraid!

General News

Reminder: must merge account onto a Battle.net account.. if you do it before 11/11 you get a penguin pet.. if you don’t do it then you can’t play afer 11/14 (until you do it).. so do it!

Azeroth United HHV is making good progress but we still need your help. Please click over and give to the efforts.

Pally T-10 Released – (I knew Rustee always wanted to wear a dress)

Release of Cataclysm Novel for August 2010 mean an August or September release date of Cataclysm

Micro Transactions – First Mini Pets then what?

From the Show

In addition to some really great discussion and a lot of give aways to our live audience, we also gave away the official prizes.

/2 Podcast http://www.slash2podcast.com/
Normally records 6pm CST on Fridays the DL is normally available on Saturday or Sunday
/2 Prize Give away – Kassandra Whippert

PugCast http://www.pugcast.com/
Record Sunday mornings 12:30a EST and then publish Sunday afternoons
PugCast Giveaway – James Church

The Hunting Lodge http://brigwyn.com/
Records Sunday at 8pm PST and publish on Tuesdays.
Hunting Lodge Prize Giveaway – James Cooper

Twisted Nether Blogcast http://www.twistednether.net/
Records normally 8pm PST Friday (and sometimes Thursday) and publishes on Tuesdays.
TNB Prize Giveaway – Scott Lambert

Grand Prize Winner: Mark Anthony

Next week…

Next week we’ll have a special Euro-friendly show on Sunday 11/15 at 12 noon PST (8pm in England) and we’ll be speaking with the elusive Turpster!

(Song credits: Mark Joyce – Strange Place – World Gone Mad provided by podssafeaudio.com)

2 comments to Special Episode – It Came From The Podcast Give Away

  • Dear God!! I can’t believe that people are QQing about things Blizz is not even doing! They are non combat pet! They cost 10 bucks each! Get over it and move on!

    You guys are qqing for half an hour about “What if” Blizz start to sell this and that… Seriously. Did you really needed to record your QQ.

    Blizz comes out with 2, TWO!!, buyable pet and all of a sudden they have an evil secret agenda… -_-

    That was a really sad podcast.