Shared Topic Bonanza!

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This week, because I’ve been lazy, we again have 2 Shared Topics in one!

The first of these was suggested by Boize of Moonglade:

Recently I found WoW in a place that I hadn’t expected it to be in the world outside the interwebs.
I was out grocery shopping, saw someone looking at the iPhone Armory app, and struck up a conversation with them about WoW, completely out of the blue.
This was my first real out-of-game “hey, other people around me play WoW too!” kind of moment.
Have you had any of these moments? What’s the most unexpected place you’ve found something WoW-related?


Blogging about finding WoW in unknown places are the following:

Boize from Moonglade

Almaster of Lux Legis


The second Shared Topic, Gearing for a Role You Cannot Yet Perform was suggested by Naithin of Tank N Tree:

Which is to say, Tanking or Healing as the two primary culprits here. Not that I condone waltzing into a heroic as a freshly dinged 80 to ‘DPS’ without having put any effort in either, but you can do this and get through a run. To a lesser degree you can with healing as well, if the tank is suitably geared. Most difficult of all, tanking. Even if the healer is absolutely wonderful and able to keep you alive, good luck then in keeping agro off everyone else.
I haven’t yet finished my take on the topic, but will be sure to link through to it when I have. Feel free to take the idea any way you wish, be it a simple list of gear you can buy cheaply or through to methods of obtaining gear while being something else and their associated ethics (or lack thereof).
Would be very curious to see what others come up with. In this day and age in WoW, it’s probably never been easier to do, but yet, it’s still not precisely easy, and I see post after post asking how it’s done. So have at it! :)

Reponding to this topic are the following:

Icedragon of Druid Main

Naithin of Tank N Tree

Orc Shaman of Orc Shaman

Cybac of Raid Leader


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