Resource Site Spotlight: Epic Advice

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epicadvice is a place to ask and answer questions. Picture the official forums, only community moderated and without blue posts. Or picture only about warcraft.

It was just launched, and they’re always working on tweaks and features, however it is already a very useful tool. If you have an openID, you can just use that to log on (yay, no more passwords!), and can get started right away. As a new user, you’ll have no reputation and not be able to do some basic things, however you will be able to ask and answer questions.

As you use the site more, assuming you’re not a mouth-breathing, key-turning, gold selling troll/spammer, you’ll start to gain reputation as people vote your answers and questions up. This gives you access to other features like adding tags and down voting. Nothing paramount to the basic usefulness of the site, but the kind of thing that you need to hang around a bit to earn.

You can also earn “badges” which are like achievements in warcraft. Fill in your profile, get a badge. Ask a question, get a badge. Etc. These are more cosmetic, in my opinion 🙂

Anyways, I’m just getting started in there and it’s all fairly new to me. Go ahead, give it a shot. Assuming this place continues to work the way it does now, the quality of the answers you get will be higher than many other Q&A places on the web.

The resource site spotlight (aka wiki tiki utility posts) should happen every week, but is written by Euripides from, and endeavors to fill your favorites bar with an unmanageably large quantity of WOW resource sites. So much knowledge that it hurts. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

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