Episode 61 – Zanderfin’s Magic Emporium

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This week a guest appeared as if by magic (and lots of stalking and nagging by Nib). Leiandra of Zanderfin’s Wow “Casual” Raiding joins us live! We talk about Blizzcon, 3.3 PTR and even throw in an email from a.. LOTRO Podcaster? We also talk a bunch about Azeroth United and our upcoming charity event! Don’t miss it!

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General News

Harvest Festival whoops, we missed it. Um.. Hope you didn’t.
Brewfest extended until the 5th (which will probably happen before this podcast is published) (link)
Blizz website got a face lift.

Blizz site has info about the new 5-mans coming in patch 3.3 as part of Icecrown Citadel. (link)
Blizzard has a new “official” youtube channel (link)

Blizz released preliminary 3.3 PTR patch notes. A lot of low level leveling changes.. and OMG change to misdirection.. and an PVP nerf to pets. (link)
PTR download is there!

TNB will have a virtual meetup on the PTR. Send email to info@twistednether.net and suggest when you’d like to do it.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

(Killing Em Slowly) The Fallacy of the Office Firewall (link)
(Runeforge Gossip) Review World of Logs (the newer smexy WWS) (link)
(The Shapeshifter) Are your guild officers fit to lead? (link)

We’d like to welcome all of the new bloggers who introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. This week we saw posts from:
– (spriests) Lucky Lurky
– (Feral Druid) Barkskin
– (resto shaman) Healing Way
– (WoW) Kill the Horde!
– (WoW) Two Tents
– (Feral Druids) Feral of the Wild
– (WoW Screenshots) Epic Screens
– (Druid) Achievement: Name a Blog (50 pts)
– (Spriest & Druid) Hots & Dots
– (mmo players) “The Shapeshifter”
– (tankadin) The Misadventures of Svenn
– (RP) The Dragon Slayer Project

We’d like to encourage all of you to visit the TNB Wiki and be sure to be listed in the Big List of Blogs.

Next week…

Next week we’ll be talking with Spooner of Spooncraft.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, additional song credits: Phonecasting – Foggy Monutain Morning, Joe Sibol – Hot Sexy Girls Instrumental, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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  • Twisted Nether Blogcast » Episode 61 – Zanderfin’s Magic Emporium…

    Another Twisted Nether hits the internetz. This week the special guest is Liandra from Leiandra of Zanderfin’s Wow “Casual” Raiding. Lots more talk about Azeroth United (http://www.azerothunited.com), Blizzcon ’09 (again) and 3.3 changes….

  • Full like the glass, Grr like a Tiger, All as in everything, Iss like…??

    lol thanks for the shout out. Hard name is hard. It’s probably more appropriate just to call me the “F word”.