Episode 55 – Princess of Darkness

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Join us on a special Pre-Blizzcon special! We talk getting ready for Blizzcon and about some of the 3.2 changes and we even get a visit from a special guest.. I wonder who it could be…

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General News

Blizz tells WCRadio, nogo to live-stream Blizzcon. (link)

Blizz announces Ozzy comeback raid! I mean Onyxia!. 3.2.2 (link)
– mount
– pet
– 10- and 25-man revamped raids

End of Arena season 6 coming soon and 3k Honor cap lifted. So get your PVP on.

WordPress 2.8.4 is available! Another security fix. Fixes security issues missed in the 2.8.3 release. Are we done yet?

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Blizzcon FAQ (link)

My recommendations:
Carry a bag, include the following:
– wear comfortable shoes
– Bottle of water
– Source of protein (thinking meat sticks or nuts)
– Notebook and pen
– Jacket
– Gum 🙂
– Camera/camcorder (and charger for devices)
– Wear comfortable shoes

Our schedule for the con:
– Thursday night Wow.com meetup at the Tangerine
– Friday morning In line for the con, look TNB Tshirts Say HI! Watch Twitter.
– Friday night 9 @ meetup
– Saturday watch twitter! Live Blogging as @FimBlizzcon and @NibBlizzcon
– Sunday: Raid Disneyland.

Next week…

Next week we’re at Blizzcon. We may release a show from recordings made at Blizzcon. The week after we’ll review Blizzcon and may have special guests.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, additional song credits: Phonecasting – Foggy Monutain Morning, Joe Sibol – Hot Sexy Girls Instrumental, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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  • Twisted Nether Blogcast » Episode 55 – Princess of Darkness…

    A special Pre-Blizzcon episode! Talk getting ready for Blizzcon and about some of the 3.2 changes and a visit from a special guest.. …