Resource Site Spotlight: Charpool

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Screenshotty goodness!Hi folks! Today I discovered a very interesting site called Charpool (site, tour, wiki entry). Basically, it’s used to keep and share a timeline of your character. You can sign in with many existing accounts you might have (such as OpenID), or you can create an account there. Once you’re logged in, you can claim a character, and then start playing with it. Most people use it to track achievements, notable screenshots, and leveling, as well as keep a journal and keep track of their friends and guild. An example of a typical page is the site creator’s character page.

One of the niftier features is its ability to hear your tweets if you tag them appropriately. You have to tell it what your account is, and then tag any tweets you want it to listen to with #wow and #1. They will appear in your timeline automatically. You can also create a note (like a blog post) and upload photos (screenshots, etc).

Tune in next week!

The resource site spotlight (aka wiki tiki utility posts) should happen every week, is written by Euripides from, and endeavors to fill your favorites bar with an unmanageably large quantity of WOW resource sites. So much knowledge that it hurts. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

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