Twistin’ The Night Away

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As an adjunct to Bre’s post/reminder about the Live interview tonight, I wanted to announce a new Achievement available to all past and future live interviewees… Twisted Nether is proud to announce our new 25 point Achievement:

We hope you all can participate in helping our guests succeed in this! Don’t forget! Set your alarms!

( All of you who have been interviewed by us in the past are welcome to post this achievement proudly on your blog.. Since we just started the live interviews again, anyone who has been on the show is grandfathered in)

2 comments to Twistin’ The Night Away

  • I have that@!

    Was a lot of fun being interviewed by Bre and FIm. It was a fun achievement to obtain.

    Missed this live broadcast (again) one of these days they will be on a non-raiding and non-real life commitment Friday so I can attend. I hope everyone had fun!!


  • Roundtables count, right? Woooooot!