Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Rhidach of Righteous Defence

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tnb-welcome1Welcome to Rhidach of Righteous Defence!

Rhidach’s blog is pretty new; he just started in December and his blog’s just started picking up speed. He’s a tanking paladin (often lovingly called “tankadins”), and, though his banner is a little misleading, he plays a Blood Elf on the Lightninghoof (US) server. His layout makes it look like his posts were pulled straight from the tankadin manual; appropriate considering his goals for the blog include making it a “repository of tankadin knowledge.”

His posts follow a fun mix of old school and new school raiding, with some mention of Onyxia with the more prevalent Naxxramas, Sartharion and Malygos information. He goes in-depth into patch notes and covers aspects of paladin theorycrafting with the hope of making it accessible to a larger audience (besides those silly number crunchers). He even teaches manners, something very helpful for those legions of uncouth shield bashers and face-tankers.

Rhidach is a 24-year-old Bostonian who’s been playing WoW for four years. He works as an editor in the publishing industry. He’s a prot-pally ‘til the day he dies (est. 2007), though his very first character was a (gasp!) troll hunter. I, personally, wish he was a cute dwarf, but only so he could tank my instances!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Rhidach!

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