Episode 22: Brrrrraaaaiiinnnss

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image This week we (brainnnnsss) talk about the new world event with the help of Lin, from Elune’s Guidance.

This week, we had a special guest Lin, from Elune’s Guidance. Lin provides the great balance and anchor between a brain hungry Fim, and a sleep-deprived Bre. Thanks again Lin for hanging out, it was a blast.

General News

Zombies, and more zombies!

Hot Topics from the Nether!

As one of the most controversial World Event, the Pre-Lich Scourge Invasion has inspired some great posts:

  • Jay from Green Text on Black talks about consent.
  • Medros of From Abbeys to Outland gives his thoughts.
  • Aurik from /Hug offers his view on the event

Have multiple 70’s? Want to figure out what to do on whom?

    Nanowrimo and WoW

    Looking for something to do besides running around Northrend? Write a novel!

    Join a number of WoW bloggers and readers on a literary adventure.

    (Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

    4 comments to Episode 22: Brrrrraaaaiiinnnss

    • Oh how I miss listening to TNB. It’s been a while since I listened to an episode.

    • ravenice

      Honest complement from a happily married guy. I say that so you know I’m not some kid attempting a lame e-pickup line.

      Lin, holy crap you have a great “radio” voice. You should seriously think about starting a podcast or making a regular appearance on TNB. You got a velvety-purr going on. I could probably listen to you read the phone book and be happy.

    • ^

      Agreed. And um, as for a lame WoW e-pickup line…lemme try and think of one….Ah, lemme try this one.

      Lin, I listened to the show yesterday. When I got home from work this eveneing I felt like I was under the hit cap, because I’ve been missing you all day.

      Woot. Go me. /dance

    • Lin

      @Ravenice: Awwww, thanks! /blush If I didn’t think myself rather dull and unable to find interesting things to talk about, I would give podcasting a thought. As is, keeping the blog somewhat updated takes a bit too much effort… as for making a regular appearance on TNB, you’d have to chat with Bre and Fim about that one!

      @Krizz: I think that is the geekiest thing I’ve heard in a long while [including Fimmie and I being silly when he visited] but really rather cute at the same time. Very amusing! With a e-pickup line like that… /swoon