Episode 17-Banana Splits!

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header This week we have an epic interview with the Siha from Banana Shoulders, another great tip from Toomanyannas, the social of WoW and cute cartoons for sale.

General News

Headlines from mmo-champion

  • New beta build with previews of the new tier sets from Naxx, both the 10man and 25 man versions
  • New bridge patch coming soon.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

The Social: WoW Style. Leafshine from Lust for Flowers, talks about why MMO’s won’t be a true WoW killer until they can provide a better social experience for players and their communities.

Transmogrify your toon! Shebli from The Bronze Kettle is now providing a unique opportunity for people to see their toons in a new light. She is currently sending off her artist wares to you and is offering to “transmogrify” your toon into a real cartoon character.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Anna, from Toomanyannas, tells you how to write your first post

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Siha

This week, we have Siha from Banana Shoulders.

Siha is a thirtysomething gamer and all-around geek. Living in eastern Australia she has been playing wow for 3 years now.

Banana Shoulders is a WoW blog about… anything that takes her fancy. Herein you’re likely to find gear comparisons, wishlists, play guides, new features, mod recommendations, and even some light theorycrafting.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

3 comments to Episode 17-Banana Splits!

  • Lust for Flower, singular.

    It’s a play on words, based on Lust for Power, you see.

    Just a rubbish one. 🙂

    Thanks for the linky-poos!

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