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Hi there! Some of you might know me as Phaelia of Resto4Life.com or as one of the moderators (read: deleter of gold spam messages!) for the Blog Azeroth forum community. Fim and Bre were kind enough to allow me posting privileges so that I could mention this week’s Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the idea of a "Shared Topic" it’s a pre-designated subject upon which writers are encouraged to post. All those individual posts are then collected into one place for easier access by all. It provides several benefits:

  • Helps struggling bloggers overcome the occasional case of Writer’s Block (Blogger’s Block?)
  • Increases exposure, especially for newer or less well known bloggers
  • Further promotes a sense of community among blog authors

This week’s Shared Topic is "Preparing for the Lich King":

This topic has been covered by several bloggers recently and was recently highlighted by the Twisted Nether blogcast, but it seems particularly relevant to all of us. This topic can be approached from one or more angles; here are just a few suggestions:

    • As TBC winds to a close and we are titillated with more and more information about the new abilities, raids, dungeons, and gear from Wrath, how are you occupying your time in game and keeping yourself interested?
    • Is your guild struggling to maintain its focus? Have you noticed an increased surge of interest in wrapping up content your guild hasn’t conquered yet? For instance, I know that there are a few members in our guild determined to set foot in Black Temple.
    • What are you most looking forward to in Wrath? Are you doing anything to prepare for those things (for instance, gathering tradeskill materials you think will be necessary for Inscription or gathering spell damage gear to help you level).
    • Are you hiding your head in the sand in the hopes of being surprised by the contents of Wrath, inundating yourself with as much leaked information as possible, or somewhere in between?
    • How are you planning to level in the expansion? Primarily through instances? Quests? Reputation grinding to maximize your gains before doing any questlines to help you reach Exalted as efficiently as possible?
    • What do you anticipate needing to save money for?
    • Do you anticipate Wrath or the lead up to Wrath affecting your blog in any way? Perhaps you’ll need to update theorycraft posts or formulas used. Maybe you think your posting frequency will drop because you’ll be busy actually PLAYING the game more!

Already, Hunter author Loronar of 35 Yards Out has shared his perspective on the upcoming expansion. In his post, he explains that one of his largest disappointments with the Burning Crusade expansion was the lack of progressive gearing outside of raids, particularly with regard to Heroic instances. Here’s a snippet:

I could blame myself for progressing too fast, but that’s not really the point. Almost everything in Heroic runs nowadays get sharded. Those who are stuck in Karazhan can get some of the best items from the Shattered Sun Offensive. The point is Blizzard has undoubtedly made this lame duck period before Wrath as a way to bring everyone to the same level. Provide easier access to everyone for similar gear.

From the limited information that’s been shared by Blizzard so far, it sounds like this is an issue they’re hoping to redress in Wrath of the Lich King with more and better loot acquirable through Heroic Instances. A badge system should be in place at the start of the expansion, as well. We’re likely to see multiple "tiers" of badge loot included, probably with a greater set of relevant items in the first batch than we saw in TBC (fire resist gear anyone?)

For the full details on this week’s Shared Topic or to submit a link to your own, visit the forum post over at Blog Azeroth!

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