Episode 331 – Podcast of the First Ones

It’s time for a new patch! 9.2 has been released and that means all new stuff including a new zone, Zerith Mortis, and a new raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones. Join us as we discuss the new features.


Episode 330 – Almost an Eternity

This episode, which is amazingly short (for us), we give a raid update, talk about black Friday deals, the 9.2 announcement and WoW’s 17th anniversary!


Episode 329 – Cat on the Keyboard

This episode we talk about some new 9.1.5 and pvp changes.. And, OMG, Zab made a blog post!


Episode 328 – Mouse Guard

This episode we discuss the sad passing of a good friend of the podcast, Rades. We also talk about our Raiding progress, Raidbots and even Flamigos and Pandas!


Episode 327 – Epic Loss

This episode we say goodbye to a very special person in the community, Epic Insanity. His co-host on FrozeNerds put up a post on the Blizzard forums here. He will be missed.

We also talk about some of the changes coming in 9.1.5, some updates to the California vs Blizzard lawsuit and even […]