Episode 291 – Ten of Ten Part 1

The first of 9 “blitz” shows leading up to the 10th Anniversary/Episode 300 Spectacular. These episodes will each be a different “Top Ten” list. This one is Top 10 things we think should be in WoW.


Episode 290 – Kicking the Storm

This week Fimlys and Zabine welcome Ceraphus from The Sundering and co-chair of the Con Before the Storm pre-Blizzcon party. Hydra couldn’t make it to the festivities for this show and we all apologize for the buzzing sound coming from Fimlys.

Public Service Annoucement: Con Before the Storm is not held in Mountain Time. […]

Episode 289 – Much Ado About Nothing

Fim, Hydra and Zabby tell stories. Sometimes they are even about WoW. (I know!)


Episode 288 – Legion’s Shadow

A.K.A “Ar-gus Is As Good As Yours”. The hosts talk about the latest patch and their thoughts on the Battle for Azeroth preorder information.


Episode 287 – Ending 17

Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby talk about 2017.