Episode 1-Jumping on the Nethertrain (Finally)

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For the first episode Bre and Fim finally jump on the Nethertrain and bring you a short but sweet show. Introductions are the appetizer and discussions on WotLK, Arena Realms, the BAN Hammer and our Featured Blog of the Week round it out. We finish up with a little special treat for our new listeners!

Welcome to the show!

Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podsafeaudio
We lose our minds and record a show. We introduce the show, tell you about the poor hosts, Bre and Fim and the bloggers we love.
Emails – fimlys at twistednether.net, bre at twistednether.net

News- from mmo-champion -Blue Notes

  • Quote from Blizzard staff
    • Arena Tournament Realms won’t open before June 3rd
    • Dungeons layout and “Blackrock Depths style” instances
    • You could have 49 Death Knights on a single account
    • Differences between 10 and 25 man dungeons in WotLK
    • Leveling improvements with WotLK

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Ban Hammer!

Late last week, a number of people felt the the weight of Blizzard’s ban hammer! The affects of this ban was felt throughout the WoW blogger community. One of the affected accounts belongs with a guildie of TJ and a “call to arms” for better response from Blizzard. BRK received a response from a frequent commenter on the customer forums

Need to contact Account Admistartation? http://www.blizzard.com/support/wowaa/.

Featured Blog of theWeek

Our featured blog of the week is Elune’s Guidance by Lin

Lin is a casual WoW player from the Feathermoon (US) server. With the experience of being a druid, mage, and hunter under her belt, she has much to say about everything and nothing. She also enjoys talking in third person from time to time, and making notes about her own life inside and out of World of WarCraft.

She has an inviting style will make you feel right at home. Go and say hi!

We leave you with a great parody “Too Sexy”, Sung by Aurik of slashhug.net and lyrics by Anna, of Toomanyannas.com

“See you next week”

10 comments to Episode 1-Jumping on the Nethertrain (Finally)

  • PTD

    Good start guys! I look forward to more blogosphere/podcast goodness!

  • Te’he, Kes, Bre. If I wasn’t terrified that the library computer would blow up if I tried to listen to a blogcast, I would.

    … Oh, to hell with it. -tries-

    … An hour download, give or take. Ah well. I’ll do it at home.

    But it sounds promising! (And gee, I’m the first featured blog of the week. Rather intimidating! But thank you. I’m honored.)

    Will come back and tell you how amazing you two are after I hear it. As I’m sure you two will be.

  • Justamom

    Awesome job guys! I look forward to listening to the next podcast. I think your pet Pookie should be a guest on the show Breana:) The pet perspective etc would be interesting hehehe.

    Keep it up folks


  • Great podcast guys, linked to you on my blog. Looking forward to more, =)

    (And hoping it’ll be on iTunes soon, hehe)


  • Great job guys! I’m very excited about this podcast. Keep it up. The info and perspectives from the blogging community are unique and really invaluable.

  • Regarding the 10 man to 25 man raiding experience, I think most people (me included) like to see an instance for the first time. The exceitement of doing Void Reaver for me wasn’t really the prospect of loot, since I knew I wasn’t up for any, it was seeing the instance for the first time, getting in there and doing it. So seeing the instance at a 10 man mode will take that away. Why struggle to get 25 people together and geared up if you’re just going to go in and do the same thing, just on a ‘heroic’ mode?

    I desperately hope that the last boss(es) of the 10 man content will not be the same as the last boss(es) of the 25 man raid. The ‘big’ raids should be more epic than the ‘small’ raids, so being able to kill the ‘big bads’ on a smaller scale raid devalues the experience in some significant way.

  • @Ghosthoof

    I can certainly understand that, and I really do believe that while you might able to see the instance, I don’t believe you will have the same experience.

    Not sure how they will do it, but I do believe there will be new bosses in the 25 man version unavaible in the 10 man. Also have a feeling, certain sections of the instance can only be acceced by a 25 man raid.

    I may not be at 25 man content, but I agree with you and want the 25 raids to be more impressive and epic. The effort put into gearing and organizing that many people should be rewarded by amazing content.

    Let’s cross our fingers!

  • Excellent show, and I’m not a big fan of podcasts about WoW. So, kudos. Keep up the good work.

    I’d love to here a good discussion on the future of tanks, the viability of Bears, Prots and Pallies in current and future end-game material. Heck, I wouldn’t mind being a part of that discussion. Being a Bear tank, I feel that we are somewhat limited in our role regarding end-game content.

  • This was actually my first time listening to a WoW-cast, a pretty good impression I must say. Looking forward to future casts.

  • I just finished up your first episode! It’s off to a good start, the idea of a podcast, about the blogging community is an awesome idea! I will get to the rest of the episodes today and try to be ready for the next one.

    On a side note, Bre, you sound nothing like I assumed from your blog. Isn’t that wierd how someone can see a face, or hear a voice in your head, but then when they see that actual person, or hear their actual voice, it’s totally diffarent???

    Anyway, Love the work, keep it up!