Episode 308 – Is it Summer yet?

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This week we talk about Patch 8.2.. Eventually. We also talk about board games, our 11th anniversary and all sorts of random.

Twisted Links

Happy 11th Anniversary TNB!

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf – Mitch Hyman LINK

Games we are playing:

Exploding Kittens.
Unstable Unicorn.
Ticket to Ride.

What is up with Fimlys, Zabby, and Hydra.

Patch 8.2 LINK
Heart of Azeroth Essences.
New Zone: Nazjatar – The capital of the Naga
– Nazjatar Outdoor Content

Nazjatar is not Underwater but it’s not in space either.
New Raid: Azshara’s Eternal Palace
– The raid will launch alongside Mechagon a few weeks after the start of Patch 8.2 in order for players to unlock their new Heart of Azeroth bonuses and explore the new zones.
– 8 total bosses
– underwater boss in the raid

New Zone: Mechagon

Blizzcon Con Before the Storm Fan Art gallery Submission form. (Note: Closed now but keep watch for opening of 2020 submissions. )

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