Episode 276 – Prelude to Horror

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83YH6O2OII351483121342075 Fimlys, Hydra, and Zab take a twisted look at the Nighthold Raid, the Boss fight emotes!

Twisted Links

High Botanist Telarn Boss Quotes listed right under Location map. LINK
Wowhead Sounds doesnt work quite right, but you can copy a script into the game to hear them. LINK

Coming Soon…

Next is Episode 277, we will be recording LIVE with our hosts. Please keep a watch on the site or twitter for updates. All episodes can be listen live with Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby, join us to ask our guest questions and heckle Fimlys.

Visit us on the blog for further updates or on Twitter @TwistedNether.

Send your questions or comments to be included on TNB to info@twistednether.net (text or MP3′s) or call into our hotline at 407-705-3161. We look forward to hearing from our fans.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol)

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