Episode 238 – WoD Launch and Learn

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brown-bag This week we have another “round” table for you (well, a little more like a square table..). We welcome Ratshag from Need More Rage and Quori from Azeroth Pirate Radio and Surviving WoW With Quori. We talk about the release of Warlords and all that jazz. Note that we started streaming on Twitch now. Follow us at http://twitch.tv/twistednetherblogcast .

Round Table Topics

Starting Experience
Garrisons / Outposts / Followers ( RNG Upgrades ) / Buildings / etc.
Molten Core – Anniversary Experience
Leveling Experience / Gear Replacement / Finding Gear / RNG upgrades / Bonus Missions
Hidden Treasures
No Flying. Quori rants!

Coming Soon…

Next week, Episode 239 is with our special guest Chaithi of Monk Meditation and @wowmonk. Listen live this Sunday, December 7th, 2014 to ask our guest questions and heckle Fimlys.

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(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol)

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