Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Biggest Regret (26th May – 8th June)

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Oy! I did it again. Got my weeks mixed up. My apologies.

Well we’ve got ourselves another GREAT topic by our good friend Dragonray of Azerothian Life!

I was wondering if any of you were Nozdormu and could control time, what would you change in your WoW history? Did you leave a guild you wish you had stayed for, did you transfer servers or faction but regretted it later? Have you lost an item you can never get back or deleted something that is now gone forever?

What have you regretted?

Have at it people! You know the drill, post a comment in the topic thread, post a comment below, or better yet – write up a post on your own site and link it on the Shared Topic thread!! Don’t forget to link back to other authors and share the blog love!

Get writing!!



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