Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Timeless Isle! (29th March – 12th April)

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Greetings folks!

Another great week for Shared Topic Awesomeness!

This one is come to us from Amerence of AmerPriest Blog

Let’s talk about “Time” in Timeless Isle? How much play time do you really spend time hanging out in this Island? What are the benefits despite those elite mobs ganking at you or if your in PvP server for any faction tries to kill you? Or just Rare hunting? Is it really fun? Do you finish all the dailies by yourself or in a group?

You know what to do folks!

Write a post on your own blog and link in the Shared Topic forum thread over on the Blog Azeroth Forums. Comment on the forum thread there with your response, or even respond to this post here on Twisted Nether’s blog. SO many ways to join in, so NO EXCUSES!!

Get writing people!!



First to answer the call to arms is Calidyn from Paladins Stole My Bubbles! with this post – Shared Topic: Wasting Time in the Timeless Isle

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