Episode 212 – We’ve Been Conned

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Blizzcon2014-20131108-0149 What? Another Blizzcon has come and gone and we’re having our third round table in a row! It’s Post-Blizzcon and we’ll have to talk about all the new stuff we learned. We welcome Quori from Azeroth Pirate Radio and Xia from The Sundering.

HOT Topics

Warlords of Draenor (Yes, we know it is Dran-or not Dray-nor)

  • Timey Wimey thing to Explore Draenor
  • 10 Levels instead of 5
  • New bonus system to reward per level boots (key spells/abilities)
  • New talent Tier at 100
  • Garrisons: major role in professions, followers and missions
  • One instant 90.. Step to Purchase more?
  • New Art for Players Chars
  • 6 new 5player and revamped Blackrock Spire
  • Bunch of Scenarios and Heroic Scenarios
  • 2 New Raids and world bosses
  • Raids – Levels. LFR, Normal, Heroic will be “Flex”. Mythic is 20 man.
  • Separate lockout for each
  • Lockouts are loot-based (can kill bosses again)
  • Normal and Heroic will be BattleTag/RealID and cross-realm
  • Queuing with friends will get buff that rewards Valor (will get when requeue with random)
  • Creating Group Finder to find groups not only for raids but other content
  • New World PvP zone and UI Improvements
  • Items have…
  • No more Hit, No more Expertise.
  • Item Squish
  • Quest items not in bags anymore
  • Auto sorted into bags but keeping separate bags
  • Heirlooms and vanity items moving to collection system like mounts and pets.
  • Heirlooms are cross-realm and account bound
  • Collections for Tabards and Transmog gear might be coming
  • NO FLYING UNTIL Patch 6.1!

Other stuff…

  • Xpac for D3
  • Heroes of the Storm (check out Heart of the Storm podcast. LINK)
  • Hearthstone changes coming. Card from Blizzcon coming with next patch
  • CM Booth and Meeting stone were huge win.

TNB Blizzcon Meetup made $700 for Child’s Play Charity. It was a great success. Send us feedback please.


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