Episode 207 – Early Saga

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Saga This week we are joined by Saga from Spellbound. When we recorded this it was after 5:30am her time, so we have to thank her for staying up ALL night just to talk to us.

Twisted News

Some Dev interviews. LINK
– Item squish.
– In-game store.
– Team size has increased 40% and another 40% is planned, which will allow for a new content patch every month, new raid tier every three to five months and an annual expansion.
– It is likely that there will be other things that connect WoW and Hearthstone.
– No major changes coming to holiday events.

Diablo III : Reaper of Souls Revealed. LINK

HOT Topics

Resource Site Spotlight

Resource Site Spotlight – WarcraftRealms.com LINK

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth

– (General) WoWScapes LINK
– (General) Surviving Azeroth LINK
– (Gold making) WTBGold LINK

Coming Soon…

Next show is Episode 208 on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 8 PM PST with our very special guest Kare of Ysera’s Daughter.   Don’t forget to join us to ask questions live.

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