Nehterhood Welcome Wagon – Pwned Nerdrage

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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Pink Poptart of Pwned Nerd Rage.

Pink is a Georgetown University student who enjoys frolicing around in WoW, and is a self-confessed hardcore noob. Fond of finding the CAPSLOCK button when she rages, Pink likes to point out some of the situations that cause her to rage – and find the humor in them. She likes to offer up twists to conventional WoW play and enjoys reading other blogs, books and quotes on self-improvement. She enjoys taking a bad situation and finding a way to laugh at it. She hopes to build a community where people can take their rage and turn it into something better.

Pink can find the humor in just about any situation, such as inappropriate totem talk or dealing with those rage inciting rogues. She also explores how to laugh at those pesky rogues to your benefit or recognizing and dealing with some of the VERY ANGRY PEOPLE that you might find in WoW. Pink also ponders why killing the healer first may not be the best solution, and offers hugs for those who procrastinate a little here and there.

I know that I’ve enjoyed Pink’s perspectives, and I think you will too! Welcome to the blogosphere, Pink Poptart!

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