Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Raid Trauma

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Hello Everyone, I’d like for you to join me in welcoming Rax of Raid Trauma!

Rax has been an MMO player for twelve years, starting in Everquest and working his way through varying MMOs up until WoW. His original character in WoW was a resto druid, who raided MC through Naxx in Vanilla. He took a bit of a break during TBC, but returned with the call of Wrath of the Lich King – this time raiding as a Fury warrior. As Cataclysm approached, he realized that he missed the healing side of things and picked up his Holy Priest to explore content.

Rax started blogging towards the end of WotLK while he was still playing his warrior, but wanted to make a fresh start with his shift in playstyle, and thus Raid Trauma came to be. Rax hopes to look at the struggles and triumps experienced by raiding guilds, as well as provide the occasional tidbit about priest healing!

Rax explores a variety of topics, from a look at guild drama to offering his thoughts on wiping and progression. You will also find him exploring some very sensitive topics, such as dealing with the it’s just a game mentality the best ways to improve raider performance. While you are there, you may want to explore his Seven Deadly Sins of raid leading series.

Rax offers some wonderful insight into the life of a raider and those herding the team! I know that I certainly can’t wait to see what other tips and tricks he may have to offer! Welcome to the Blogosphere, Rax!


Every Tuesday, Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an email to, with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible!

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