Episode 123 – Killing Time Slowly

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ktime We welcome Fuubaar and Fulguralis from Killing ‘em Slowly to the show this week. We talk about playing as a couple, what NOT to say to your spouse who is also your healer and how drinking effects tanking (in a positive way!?). We also discuss the addition of Guild Challenges in 4.1 and the upcoming Guild Transfer and Guild Rename.


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Twisted News

Info on Guild Challenges LINK
Guild Challenges up on PTR LINK
Guild Transfer and Guild Rename Services Coming LINK

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Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall who invited us to take a break from all the number talk and turn our attention to the story unfolding in Azeroth, more particularly to the Horde.

For years, fans of the Horde have described them as noble savages or, at worst, misunderstood people trying to make their way in a hostile world.

But that may have changed in the wake of the Cataclysm. The Forsaken have rolled across the northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, slaughtering all enemies in the Hillsbrad Foothills and seek to claim Gilneas for their own. The orcish war machine is rolling across Kalimdor, unleashing fire and devastation in Azshara and the Stonetalon Mountains. Horde NPCs even argue amongst themselves about the brutality of their methods.

Has the Horde changed? Is Blizzard merely clarifying the way they’ve always wanted to portray them? Or is this merely the start of a story about the soul of the Horde?

Ama of Specced for Drama, well, it doesn’t really need an introduction…

What is your favorite profession and why?

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