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Even in our favorite game world, we still need to work to live. No matter what you do in the World of Warcraft, you need gold to survive. Whether or not your in-game “job” is to play the Auction House, do daily quests, or beg in the streets of Orgrimmar, you need gold to survive in the world of Azeroth. Inside this game of ours is a crafting and materials gathering system that allows for one means of “making a living.”

I know I do not need to spell out the professions available in WoW, however for sake of thoroughness here is the list…

Herbalism (pronounced, of course, with the first syllable sounding like “her” NOT “er”. The cool kids say the “H”)

That looks a rather daunting list, does it not? Well, it is. It is nigh impossible for any one person to be so knowledgeable of the in-game professions to not need any guidelines to help in leveling said professions. For the rest of us mere mortals, there is Wow-Professions. I am uncertain how long Wow-Professions has been operating, but I do know it is a site that I have used on many occasions to help in leveling my professions.

It is a simple site, with simple guides, written very concisely (I love this) with good applicable pictures/screenshots, and the bottom line is it makes leveling professions feel far less mysterious and prevents one from wasting a great deal of time and gold. Because lets face it, certain professions are already NIGHTMARISHLY expensive to level (looking at you enchanting – at least it was for me).

I am not the type to buy a guide. Though there is nothing wrong with this, I simply do not have the disposable income for such a purchase. For me, a site like WoW-Professions is perfect. They provide a great service and I hope that my constant visits for checking things like mining node layouts on zone maps off-sets enough of their costs through the ad-sense ads they have on the site to make it worth their while.

There are many sites in the ‘verse that discuss professions guides, this one just happens to be my favorite, and has earned their respect with good information and a secure browsing experience.

For all the alt-a-holics out there (looking at you Psynister) that have given yourselves two more profession slots per character, I suggest filling those slots, and doing so with as little aggravation as possible, and WoW-Professions can help you do just that.



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