Shared Topics: Will the Last One Out and An Open Letter

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After a few weeks break as we all recovered from the holidays, I welcome you all back to the Shared Topics write-up!

Because Blog Azeroth was so quiet lately, it took a couple of weeks and two separate Topics to gather enough posts for a compilation.

The first Topic was suggested by CasualRaider of the blog The Casual Raider about when the lights go out on a guild:

What happens when a guild shuts down? Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep your guild together it collapses. What do you do after the fallout has cleared? This topic could be about several different aspects of guild dissolution(i.e. finding a new guild, rebuilding your current guild, maintaining friendships with players etc…)

Sharing their thoughts are:

Casual Raider from The Casual Raider

Nutella from The Templar’s Hammer

Rakhman from Way of the Druid

Corevin from WoW Am I Lost?

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

The second Topic was an idea from Squelchy of Blame Squelchy and involved writing an open letter to, well, anyone, really, as long as it has to do with WoW.

Write an open letter to some aspect of World of Warcraft: a character, a raid boss, a non-combat pet, a profession, the sky’s the limit. What would you want to say to them, whether in a personal note, or something published as a letter to the editor?

Participating were:

Squelchy from Blame Squelchy

Pndrev from Primetime Casual

Casual Raider from The Casual Raider

Talfrund from Expedition Azeroth

Fealen from Cow and Bones

Chuck from Lord of Assets

Rakhman from Way of the Druid

For the upcoming week, we have a Shared Topic encouraging us to share our opinion about the, um, amount, of levels in Cataclysm. Were 5 levels enough? Would you prefer 10? Blog about it and report back with a link to your post in the Blog Azeroth thread!

And after a loooong dry spell, we have a flurry of topics lined up for the next few week! Check out:

What causes an encounter to click?
Digging archeology?
You’re Given Reign over the Design of WoW. What do you do?

Huge thanks to Ringo Flinthammer and Naithin for their Topic ideas! But even though we have a lot of upcoming topics, more suggestions are still welcome. Have a topic you’d like to see others write about? Post it in the Shared Topics forum at Blog Azeroth.

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