Shared Topic : Reflection-What was your favorite ____ in WotLK?

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As we wrap up the expansion that kept us entertained for the past two years, many of us are stepping back to think “What did I like most? What did I like least? What do I hope to see changed?” This week’s Shared Topic was another oppertunity to reflect, this time on the most positive aspects of Wrath, as Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary asked us what, according to us, was the best of Wrath.

With talking about what is left to do in WotLK a few weeks ago, I figured we could take a look back and reflect upon what we liked most about WotLK. I left this wide open to interpretation. You can choose a quest, dungeon, raid, profession change, achievement, mount, PvP fight, arena, battleground, loot, particular boss, or anything else that I might have missed. Just choose one thing and really flesh it out and sell it to your readers. Explain why this was the best _____ for you and if you haven’t done ______ well you’re really missing out.

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As for this week’s Topic, we play a little game, taking one of the three talent trees of our favorite class, then adding two talent trees from other classes, as to design a new, custom class. Which talents would you pick? What would be your end result? Blog about it then give us a link to your creation at Blog Azeroth!

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