Shared Topic: RPG Nostalgia

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This week’s Shared Topic was brought to us by Triv of Raid Naked: Game in the Buffs.  Triv asked us to consider the following:

How about a shared topic on RPG Nostalgia? Something along of the lines of your first love in the rpg universe, possibly even mmorpg universe.
For me it harkens back to the days when I first discovered MUD’s. I could actually play a game and interact with other people outside of my own home. It was amazing to me and so varied. MUD’s were the dreamchildren of individuals, and since they are individuals each MUD had it’s own flavor.
I would also add my initial rpg experiences such as Nethack or even console based games like Phantasy Star 3.. (awesome game). I would love to hear how other people fell in love with the genre. I think it would be a great topic to share because it expresses our individuality as well as our community in gaming. (we are all different but the same)
What do you think?


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Next week’s Shared Topic is The Best Change to the Game, suggested by Lathere of HoTs and DoTs.  If you would like to submit a Shared Topic, or contribute to an existing one, visit the Blog Azeroth Forums.

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