Shared Topic: What If There Were WoW Lobbyists?

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This week at Blog Azeroth we get all political!  Euripides of OutDPS muses upon the following point

The US hunting and gun lobby is quite powerful. The US Fish and Wildlife Service says 12.5 million people hunted (in real life) in the US in 2006. The number of WOW players has reached 11 million globally, over half of them US based.
Here’s my idea for a shared topic: How would our lives change if a lobby representing the interests of US WOW players had as much clout per capita as the hunting (and long gun) lobby?

Would President Obama have photo-ops with him rolling a Paladin? Raiding Naxx? Would politicians have to try to balance their message so they attract people who are partial to both Horde and Alliance?


Rising to the challenge is MomentEye from NoobSaysWoW, with a highly entertaining look at the possible strengths (and weakness!) of the WoW player base in the political scene.  I take a more… Warlocky view of the situation at Destructive Reach.

What do you think?  Could WoW players really influence global affairs?  Have your say by linking your post on the Blog Azeroth Forums, or suggest your own Shared Topic!

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