TNB TShirt Contest

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tnb_tshirtTwisted Nether Blogcast is having a TShirt design contest!

Whereas Fim and Nibs are resolved to attend Blizzcon and wherefore it is found that they would prefer to not go naked, it is therefore resolved that there shall be TNB tshirts of immense beauty and identifiability! This TShirt having both an image and a saying in holding with the theme of the TNB.

All Submissions will be property of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, but.. We will give credit to the author, so make sure you give us your info including blog/website if you have one
No copyrighted material. This probably means ingame art too (although we’ll take submissions, they probably won’t win 🙁 )

Prizes will be awarded in a purely subjective manner by Nibuca, Fimlys and possibly Bre..

Prizes are:
1st: 60 day WoW card [and your’s will be the art we use for our blizzcon shirts that we will wear there],
2nd and 3rd: Chioce of loot cards that Fim happens to have lying around.. (slashdance, footsteps of illidan, pet biscuit)

Please get the word out about the contest! We want lots of submissions.
We’ll probably pick more than the winner to set up as shirts you can pick up from the shirt store!

Please.. don’t let Nib draw more stick figures. It won’t be pretty.

UPDATE: We have a deadline. Please have your submission (or an email indicating your intent on submitting) in to us no later than July 1st. We need time to judge and get the shirts made prior to Blizzcon.. Thank you!

OH YEAH, specifics. Thanks to Boize for reminding me that you know.. people like details.

  • Please save your submission image as a .gif, .png or .jpg.
  • We’d prefer if the image was <2MB.
  • We’d prefer the “picture” only so that we can use it with several messages.
  • Because we will be printing this in a large size we may end up asking for a higher resolution image.
  • Send an email to with the subject “[TSHIRT CONTEST]”. You may either attach your images directly or include URLs to the images in the email.

If you have any questions or need further clarification please contact us at

9 comments to TNB TShirt Contest

  • Boize

    Is there any specifics involved?
    Or a submission template?

    Should we include just the design? (i.e. picture only, contrary to what you have shown – as amazing as those stick figures are. :P)

    Just wondering, if I want to submit something, I’ll need to do it right!

  • Thanks Boize. I updated the post.

  • Boize

    Haha, sweet as.
    Now, to get to work designing!

  • Ttam

    when does the contest end? Week or two before Blizzcon?

    Also when you said no ingame art (this sounds dumb) does that mean nothing taken from the game? So like no gnomes/ NPCs ?

    Just after some quick clarification probably should’ve emailed..but my phone is retarded and wont load hotmail…

    anyway time to bringout the old designing brain

  • Ttam

    nvm about the ingame stuff..I reread the post.. And saw the word copyright. So I suppose that answers my own question

  • @Ttam: Yeah, unfortunately nothing that could be considered copyright by anyone.. We’re okay with similarities, but using in-game models, background, etc. might be pushing it.

    Oh.. everyone else.. Here is a closeup image of Fimlys i took recently.. He looks a little menacing.. Doesn’t have to look menacing if you use his likeness in the design. 🙂